Alberto Salvini

Alberto Salvini

  • Diving Instructor since 2003
  • Technical Diving Instructor with IANTD #7748 ( all OC levels)
  • Technical Diving Instructor Trainer with IANTD #804 ( all OC levels)
  • TDI full Cave Instructor
  • TDI Sidemount Cave Instructor
  • TDI Cave Stage Instructor
  • TDI Cave DPV Instructor
  • TDI Extended Range Instructor
  • SDI Instuctor for almost all divers level
  • 8000+ dives
  • Diving sidemount since 2007

Diving experiences in Europe, Red sea, Lake Michigan, Maldives and Mexico Interested in outdoor activity like walking in the jungle, play soccer, fishing and exploring new places.

Alberto has a vast experience in diving, lately he is focused on sidemount diving at all level, his daily diving rig is sidemount and he enjoy teaching it or just give tips about that. His favorite brand is X-Deep but he dove with most of the brand on the market and can easily teach and setup those too.

Barbara Biasi

  • Diving Instructor since 1996
  • Sidemount diver since 2010
  • 12000+ dives

Diving experiences in Europe, Red Sea, Zanzibar, Maldives, Kenia, Cuba and Mexico

Other than teaching and guiding, Barbara is in charge for all planning and schedule, feel free to contact her directly at

Barbara love the underwater photography, she worked for few years as journalist and she like to do long walk on the beach.

Barbara Biasi


We have been living and working in the Riviera Maya since 2004. We can plan your stay and diving vacation and even add some nice excursions.

Contact us by email and we will give you all information about our different packages.


Best places to go in Playa del Carmen

When you are not diving, Playa del Carmen offers a great variety of places to spend a few hours like beach clubs, restaurants and bars.

The ones we think are very good are:

  • Luma Taverna del Mar a great restaurant with a mix between Italian and fushion
  • Chltepin fish and Mexican food
  • El Fogon real Mexican food
  • El Pirata Mexican fish food
  • La Cueva del Chango Mexican food


  • La Senda
  • Pitted Date
  • Bio Organicos
  • Clorofila

For a Good Beer

  • Club de la Cerveza
  • CMC colectivo mexicano cervecero
  • Cerveceria Chapultepec

Beach Club

  • Martina
  • Encanto