Sidemount Guided Dives


2 Ocean Dives in the beautiful Caribbean water, can be done with 1 or 2 cylinders depending on the Diver level.

Cost: $85 USD
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Open Water sidemount dives
Open Water sidemount dives

OPEN WATER DPV Sidemount Dives

Ocean Dive with the DPV in the Atlantic Ocean, visiting the reef but covering big distances, having fun and enjoying all your time underwater.

DPV rental is not included, please check for availability.

Cost: $150 USD
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OPEN WATER Tek Sidemount Dives

1 or 2 Ocean Dives for experienced Sidemount Divers, must be planned in advance. We can plan extended bottom times and eventually limited decompression.

Ideally designed for Photographers who want to have more bottom time or divers who enjoy to stay longer underwater.

Cost: $130 USD included EAN32 and EAN50 ( 40cf for deco)
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Sidemount Diving Mexico
Open Water Technical sidemount dives

OPEN WATER Technical Sidemount Dives

1 deep dive with planned decompression stops, after a 90 min surface interval, can be followed by a shallow dive on a local reef, practicing some skills or just enjoying being underwater.

(will be decided based on the remaining gas and the desire of our customers)

Cost: $260 USD included Normoxic Trimix and one Deco cylinder

Must be planned in advanced for boat and gases availability

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Cavern Sidemount Dive

We can plan your excursions to the cenotes using your sidemount rig. Some cenotes it is not possible to use 2 cylinders ( unless you are cave trained) so we avoid those sites when we can but in case we do dive them, we will use a single cylinder configuration.

Cost: Starts from $130 USD

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Cavern sidemount dive
Cave sidemount dive

Cave Sidemount Dive

If you have a Sidemount Cave Diver certification we can plan all your dives in the most beautiful caves in the area.

We offer you 17 years of knowledge and experience.

The schedule will be 2 cave dives a day with 40/50 min penetration based on the site and 1/3 gas rule. EAN32 is included.

Not included are entrance fees.

Cost: $220 USD

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Advanced Cave Stage/Multistage Sidemount Dive

Must be a Stage or Multistage Cave Diver.

We will schedule one long dive, depending on the dive site, with one or two stages for extending penetration. Bottom times will be calculated based on diver level and with safety gas plan rules.

EAN32 will be included as bottom gas, in case the plan will require Deco Gas, a 40cf of EAN50 will be available with an additional US $15 cost.

Entrance Fees are not included.

Cost: $250 USD

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Advanced Cave sidemount dive
Sidemount Guided Dives

Advanced Cave Sidemount DPV Dive

Must be an Advanced Cave DPV diver or equivalent.
Dives will be planned based on the Diver level.
DPV rental is not included, please ask in advance to reserve it.

Cost: $260 USD
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