Sidemount Ocean Diving

We are involved in sidemount diving since 2007, starting from 2010 we use daily that configuration.

We strongly believe sidemount rig has a lot of applications, from one cylinder recreational dives to a multistage deep or cave dive.

What are than the difference respect a normal back mounted cylinder:

  • More safe, you can control your valve and is more faster to don and doff even in current or rough sea ( especially with 1 cylinder)
  • If you need redundant gas source you can have it avoiding a lot of weight on you ( big double cyl)
  • If you know how ( proper training) you can easily walk on a boat
  • Photographers can have a better trim during their dives
  • Sidemount cylinders are more easy to handle by the boat Crew

All is based on proper training, we went on liveaboard and we were the only ones using sidemount during the dives, no one noted any difference respect the other divers, we where actually more fast to gear up respect them, one day we needed more gas for our dives and we just rigged two normal right handle cylinders for sidemount and did the dive, meanwhile the other divers has no double cylinders option and hive to do a shorter dive.

Search for Instructors and Diving Center that dive regularly sidemount and you will be amazed about the multiple options you will find.

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Sidemount ocean diving
Sidemount diving
Sidemount Diving