Sidemount Specials

Are you interested in learning more about your Sidemount configuration? Independently from what brand you decide to use, we can help you with webinars, in class theory and workshops, and in water training.
We are here to adapt to your necessities, feel free to ask.

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Are you a photographer and want to spend more time underwater? We are here for you.

Plan a long dive with all the time you want to take pictures on one or two local reefs.

We can provide you a specialized guide, boat with a great crew, small groups, EAN32 and a lot of fun.

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Photographer Special Ocean
Special VIP one person training


Do you want to have personalized 1 on 1 training?

We have it for you, an Instructor dedicated to you, allowing you to have a personal learning experience, helping you at all times.

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Want to plan a diving trip just to take pictures in all the best Cenotes in the Riviera Maya? We are here for you.

MAX 2 Photographers x 1 Guide.

A diving plan will be done before and will include all safety procedures. We have been diving the cenotes for 17 years and can assist in your photography needs while maintaining our very high safety standards.

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Cave Photgrapher
Special Cave Photgrapher


Are you an avid cave diver and photographer? Want to
take amazing cave pictures with absolute safety in mind?

We can plan sessions for you.

Team will be as follow:
1 Guide(will only be there to guide)
1 Photographer
2 Diver maximum ( used as models or Light providers)

Most cave accidents have involved photography or video recording, that is why we will have very strict safety protocols.

During the years we have worked with various photographers and videographers, acquiring a lot of knowledge in the field and building safe, special plans and schedules for cave photography diving.

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