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We offer more than 20 years of experience in the field organizing trips, scuba diving courses, ocean diving and cavern and cave diving.

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Diving 17 years in the Playa del Carmen region, we will take you to the most enjoyable locations in the ocean. Amazing reefs and drop offs, wrecks and deep dives.

Sidemount Cavern and Cave Diving


Safety first, we have written courses and outlines for safe cavern and cave diving and we are always maintaining our very high standards.

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Sidemount Diving Mexico

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Sidemount Diving MexicoOur services are designed to guide you in all aspects of sidemount diving, keeping you safe and having fun.

We started to use the sidemount configuration in 2007 in the caves of Mexico. Back then, sidemount could only be used at a few dive sites that were off the normal paths and with major restrictions. Over the years, we have witnessed, and participated in, expanding side mount diving and the development of different, out of the box sidemount equipment from X-Deep, Razor, Alien, Dive Rite and many other equipment providers.

We decided in 2010 to specialize in the regular use of sidemount equipment in our daily operation, from open water to technical and cave diving. Our favorite sidemount rig is the X-deep but we can teach and fix all the sidemount rigs on the market.

We have not abandoned other configurations but we strongly believe that if you want to teach and maintain expertise with something you must do it on a regular, daily basis.

About Us