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Sidemount fine tuning

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Are you a sidemount diver and you are not happy about the results, we can help you with one or two full day of Sidemount Diver Fine tuning.

There are many way to learn and apply sidemount diving but essentially 2 are the main ones:

1 – poorly trained or self trained with all bad habits, untrimmed cylinders, over weighted, uncorrect use of the bungees and many others.

2 – very well trained and with a perfect idea of what sidemount diving is.

How to recognize you are a number one diver:

Sidemount fine tuning 1

Sidemount fine tuning 2

If you look like the ones on the pictures, please seek for proper training.

Diving sidemount is great but only if you learn it properly you can enjoy it in any environment and be a safe diver.

We started diving sidemount in 2007 and dived on a daily basis since 2010, we have been part of the developing of the system during all those years.

We have dove with hand made harness, with the first prototype of the Razor, with UTD Z system, with Dive Rite, Apeks and finally we are specialized with all the X-Deep rigs.

We where in the first group of sidemount divers diving X-Deep stealth classic after the release and we continue to use it since than.

What is going on in a fine tuning day

We will meet at the shop and do an equipment check, after being sure we have all ready to dive we will load a truck and lead to one of the cenote we use for training.

Double set of cylinders will be available with no extra cost, we need to spend a lot of time working and we won´t stop because the gas is not enough.

Training will be 1 to 1 or max 1 to 2.

Once at the place we will go over on cylinders set up, harness and wing set up, proper positioning and correct amount of weights, finning techniques, gas planning, signals, dry drills( dry exercises) and a detailed briefing on what we will do in the water.

Once in the water we will go over a lot of procedures previously planned and we will work on that all day long.

After the dives we will go over a Student -Instructor debriefing to complete all the training.

If you think you are in need of a Sidemount diving fine tuning day, please contact us at

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