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The Purpose of Bungee Cord in Sidemount

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Let’s say there are many personal way to connect your cylinders when you diving sidemount, some with a lot of fantasy applied by the user.


Now we will give you a tip, talking about main cylinders, only two ways are the correct ones, both use a Bungee cord rounded around the tank neck and an attachment point along the body of the cylinder.

Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord Size:

The bungee cord can be in a different size, depending on if we using Aluminum or Steel bottles, can be a single bungee with clips on both the sides attached at the shoulder D-rings or a Loop Bungee, two separate bungee on each side of the diver.

The purpose of Bungee Cord:

The purpose of the bungee cord is to make the cylinder twisting the necessary to put tension at the lower attachment point, keeping the bottles streamlined with the diver body.

Someone is arguing that you will not be able to walk with the cylinders, than you need to add a different attachment point…WRONG if you just keep 2 cord and 2 double ender ( the cord can be a very high grade climbing cord) you can even run with your bottles on ( both attached at the shoulder d-rings), walk on a boat or do whatever you want, the only think you have to do, is disconnect the double enders once in the water and position correctly the bungee cord.

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