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Sidemount diving with Helmet or not

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Let see one important thing, during most of the scuba diving we do, we do not need a helmet.

In the Ocean, with perfect visibility we can use a light only in deep diving, it is very easy to have a primary light with us, with or without a goodman handle ( we will talk about in another blog), and we do not need an helmet.

We personally think we start to need an helmet with mounted lights once we need to work with both hands, we need to take data and we are doing advanced sidemount penetrations in caves, wrecks and using DPV.

The helmet is not for protection only, the backup lights are more accessible and in case of need more faster to use, primary light is in a perfect position to be on and let us work with both hands, everything is more smooth and comfortable touse, we need just to learn how to properly use a helmet with lights.

Sidemount diving with Helmet or not

Basic rules for sidemount ¨helmet¨divers:

  • Remember if your primary light is on and in place, you can blind your buddy for long time if you look at them. Be careful, turn your light beam behind you ( just turn the light head in the other way) or simply disconnect the light head and run the cable cord around your neck.
  • If you are using a long hose and you have to deploy it for emergency, the light cable cord will be crossed with the long hose, practice to disconnect the light head with your left hand meanwhile you deploy the long hose with the right hand.
  • Get comfortable with the use and connection of your helmet to be able to react faster in case of an emergency
  • Check all times the light connection to your helmet to prevent loosing the attachment point or the light.
  • Be nice with people who do not like the helmet and show them why using it is not a problem if you know how to do it properly.

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