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Learning Curve

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We would like to talk about something we think is very important at any level:

The learning curve.

Once you take a course, you must have a time to assimilate what you have learned, practice it and clarify any doubt you still have.

Nowadays we see a very sad and dangerous cut off of the learning curve, everyone want to do all courses in the shorter time possible and then do higher levels asap. That´s not the way to do.

Diving is fun and great once you learnt some rules and you follow that rules.

I have request all time for technical advanced courses and people do not accept what I ask them for requisites.

Let’s do an example based on standards:

Diver with 140 dives, basic decompression level, no knowledge about use of Double cylinders back mounted or sidemount.

Asking to become a Cave Diver ( full cave for some Agency).

Based on my knowledge and Standards the diver will not be able to complete a cave course with a decent level of safety.

Our offer will be:

  • Complete an Essentials course ( double or sidemount) in min 4 days, do some dives to be proficient in that configuration.
  • Complete a Cavern-Introductory to Cave course, the basic of cave diving rules, emergency, finning techniques, use of lines and basic navigation. Do a decent numbers of intro to cave dives to practice all the leaned skills.
  • Complete the Cave ( full cave) portion of the course, adding complex navigation, perfecting compass use applying proper gas rules for longer dives.

Before to start another level, do a good number of cave dives, then start to add a decompression course before to get at advanced cave levels.

That will be a course plan based on learning curve, with no shortcuts and very good for the diver who will learn the skills with the correct time to assimilate everything. The Instructor will work perfectly not having to correct all the mistakes of another course and loosing time not teaching the planned level of training.

The sum of Diver/ Instructor working better is an advantage in costs and better training for both.

Nowadays that plan will be offered by the majority with a 7 days course, where the Instructor will loose 2/3 days to get the student at a decent level to do complete the minimum skills required for the course, the final result will be a very low level training based on shortcuts and lower prices.

The question we need to ask at this moment is:

We want to have an excellent training using the correct amount of time, paying the correct amount of money, following the learning curve and becoming a better diver.

Or we do not care about the learning curve, the level of training and we just want to do all faster and cheaper.

For my personal training I always choose the correct learning curve.

You can now decide by yourself!

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