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Sidemount vs Backmount

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Sidemount vs Backmount – Best Diving Techniques

Many of you has already heard about two different diving techniques or better said configurations.

We personally think that a configuration is only a tool that must be used to complete safely a dive, based on the condition we will find in the water.

We will decide to use Sidemount for caves, even deep ones, nowadays we have the possibility to even use sidemountccr to extend our performances.

Sidemount vs Backmount
Sidemount vs Backmount

For deeper Ocean dives, we can decide to use a Back mounted Double with stages or a back mount Rebreather.

All must be based on our experience and the kind of environment we will find.

That said, most people are against the use of sidemount on Boats and Open Sea, their only point is that sidemount is not comfortable on a boat and is not necessary.

We are completely against that, with proper training and a perfect knowledge of the setting, you can easily dive on a boat full of backmount divers and nobody even note you are with a different configuration.

You can dive sidemount with a single cylinder, two cylinders or more, depending on the kind of dive you are going to do and in all the part of the world you can dive redundant cylinders If you need to, that´s not possible with back mounted doubles.

The versatility of the sidemount configuration can be applied in many of the dives you plan to do during your activity, the only real problem is find and do proper training. You can contact us at to have more information about training and diving in sidemount.

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